Both cleaners you have sent me have been terrific, when the first cleaner left, she was replaced immediately, I will definitely be recommending your company to my colleagues.

-Mr S – Cambridge

Venessa arrived promptly is honest, reliable and likes to clean. A great find, thank you Cleanhome.

-Mr W – Cambridge

I have been using Cleanhome East Cambridge for over a year and I am delighted with the level of service and the quality of work. My cleaner is punctual, reliable and hardworking.

-Mr W – Willingham

Your company has been recommended to me by two friends who also live in Over.

-Mrs C – Over

It’s a joy to come home on Friday evening after my cleaner has been round to clean! I’ve recommended Cleanhome to neighbours and colleagues as I feel that they provide excellent level of service at a reasonable price.

-Mrs W – Willingham
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Keeping your garage tidy

Organising the garage is something many of us dread. Clutter builds up in the garage over the years leaving one headache to deal with when tidying. We’ve decided to help you along in this process with these great tips to organise your garage. 


First things first, the purge. Going through everything in the garage and throwing away unused and unwanted items will save you a lot of space. Anything not used in the last year is usually a good market of what to throw away or keep.


Tip 1 – Wall Storage

Making the most of your walls is easily one of the best ways to create space in your garage. This can be done in a few ways such as tool organisation. Our personal favourite is the add a magnetic board or wall panel. This will allow you to store your tools very simply in whatever fashion or organisation system you want. 

Another good wall storage solution is to add shelves. Although this sounds simple and is probably already something you have in your garage, using full length shelves creates much more space.


Tip 2 – Boxes

Another good way to start the organisation process is to get boxes. Large garden bins are very common and fairly cheap to buy. They can create a great storage system for all those small items that clutter up the garage. These boxes should be organised and most importantly labelled. A good way to make labels for boxes that have a changing content is to buy stick on whiteboard. 


Tip 3 – The ceiling

A space many people forget about is the ceiling. There are a few ways to make use of this space. Having proper fitted storage is one solution which can be quite costly however creates a lot of space. The second slightly cheaper alternative is to make use of the boxes from tip 2. By screwing in some 2x2s to the ceiling followed by 1x4s attached to these leaves you with sliding rails great to store the boxes. 


These tips should help you in the long process of sorting your garage. Stay tuned to our blog section and social media pages for more tips and tricks from us at the Cleanhome Franchise.

Bespoke Service

We are not happy until you are! Your cleaner will usually tailor their services to fit exactly with your requirements, including spring cleaning and ironing.

Peace of Mind

Only 1 in 50 applicants makes it on to our carefully screened database. We interview them twice, visit them in their own homes and take up at least two references. And if they still subsequently don't measure up to your standards, we will send you someone who does.

Personal Cleaner

We don't operate in teams, and therefore you get the same cleaner every week. This is good because you develop a relationship with your cleaner. We have some clients who have had the same cleaner for years and years - and that's what we want for you.